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Truck Accidents

Bringing 18-Wheelers Down To Size

Truck accidents are different from auto accidents in two ways. First, the immense size of a tractor trailer means the driver and passengers of surrounding cars are far more likely to suffer devastating injuries or even death during a crash. Second, special legal issues can arise with trucking accidents, and these are best handled by attorneys with experience centered specifically around the trucking industry.

Baldante & Rubenstein represents victims and their families in trucking accident litigation. Our knowledge of industry regulations and access to a network of trusted experts enables us to swiftly and effectively investigate the causes of accidents and deduce the level of responsibility shared by trucking companies and their drivers.

Unfortunately, survivors of trucking accidents often have major injuries which require years of recovery or a lifetime of care. That’s why we do more than just offer legal representation. Baldante & Rubenstein actually consults with medical experts to help clients determine a healthcare plan that covers their long-term needs. Our experience with the complexities of trucking litigation has resulted in substantial recoveries for our clients, but it’s our attention to the future needs of injured individuals that helps make sure all will be well for years to come.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, the Truck Accident lawyers at Baldante & Rubenstein may be able to help. To have an attorney review your case at no cost or obligation to you, please contact Baldante & Rubenstein at (800) 601-1616.