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When Help Hurts Instead

Drugs and medical products are meant to improve our quality of life, and if all goes right, the results are impressive. Unfortunately, some products that were meant to help end up hurting us instead.

Baldante & Rubenstein’s New Jersey and Pennsylvania defective medical device and drug attorneys have a reputation for vigorously representing the interests of victims who have been tragically affected by medical products. Over the past few decades, we have developed the resources and the skills necessary to obtain the most favorable outcomes possible on behalf of our clients in Cherry Hill, Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester, Delaware County, and other areas within Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

There are a number of reasons why a medical product could prove faulty. A drug or device may not be properly tested, it could be prescribed incorrectly, or it can produce an unexpected side effect. In such instances, the potential for long-term damage and even death increases dramatically.

We have prepared a guide to some of the drug and device litigation cases our attorneys have been involved in.  Just because you don’t see a drug on this list DOES NOT means that Baldante & Rubenstein wouldn’t consider representing your case. New developments within the medical community arise on a regular basis, and oftentimes, the first signs of widespread danger come thanks to people just like you reporting a serious safety issue. We therefore encourage you to contact our law firm if you believe any drug or medical product compromised your health.

That said, if one of these specific products caused your hardship, then click the applicable link to read more. Do not hesitate to contact us at once. To have an attorney review your case at no cost or obligation to you, please contact Baldante & Rubenstein at (800) 601-1616.