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John Baldante Discusses Birth Trauma Prevention On Comcast Newsmaker

Physician’s failure to perform timely cesarean section causes baby to suffer Cerebral Palsy. John Baldante was a guest on the television program Comcast Newsmakers hosted by Carla Showell Lee.

Headline News on the Comcast Cable Network. The topic of the segment was “Birth Trauma Prevention.” During the segment, Mr. Baldante identified warning signs that may cause birth trauma. Also discussed was a list of prenatal tests designed to identify problems during pregnancy. Baldante stressed the importance of proper medical care and quick responses by both the mom and the physician to prevent any long term damage to a fetus if problems are detected. Baldante also said, “Though only 20% of birth trauma cases are the result of medical malpractice, it is important that the infants do not become casualties in the current “war” on medical malpractice.

The cost of caring for a child who has been the victim of birth trauma is astronomical. If a child’s life has been altered as a result of medical malpractice a family should have the right to receive monetary compensation to provide quality of life for that child.”

“The Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association” was given as a pro-bono legal source for moms and families that require legal assistance.

The 5-minute segment aired regionally during CNN Headline News during the months of June and July.

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