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Catholic Church Continues to Hide Priests known to have Sexually Abused Children

Some dioceses have excluded entire classes of clergy members from their lists — priests in religious orders, deceased priests who had only one allegation against them, priests ordained in foreign countries and, sometimes, deacons or seminarians ousted before they were ordained.

We have filed several Complaints within the last month or so against perpetrators that are not on the NJ clergy abuse lists despite the fact that we have multiple clients sexually abused by the same priest. Other priests are not listed because they were part of a religious order or for other “unknown reasons,” even though these priests served for years and sometimes decades in a diocesan parishes. To name a few such examples from recent cases we filed, these priests all worked within Catholic Churches and are known to have sexually abused children, but the Catholic Church continues to fail to list these predator-priests:

  • Msgr. Michael McCorristin (Diocese of Trenton) – 2 Complaints;
  • Br. Emanuel Andrew Mule (Diocese of Paterson) – 1 Complaint;
  • Fr. Jack Ventura (Diocese of Paterson) – 2 Complaints – was on list for Birmingham, Alabama, but not NJ list where he previously served;
  • Fr. Augustus Griffin (Diocese of Trenton) – 1 Complaint – Irish priestly Order (Spiritans);
  • Fr. A. Gregory Uhrig (Diocese of Metuchen) – identified in PA grand jury report, but not in Diocese of Metuchen Hyperlinked is an article on same.

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