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Can Workplace Injuries Occur in an Office Setting?

If you chose to work in an office setting because you thought it would be a safe environment, we have bad news for you.

Workplace injuries can happen when you’re seated at a desk or walking down a carpeted hallway, and though an office spaces is less dangerous than a construction site or fishing boat, it still presents the possibility of serious injury and illnesses based on toxic exposures.

There are a wide range of workplace injuries that can occur in an office environment. Though some are the result of accidents like tripping or having something fall on top of you, there is also a real risk of developing a repetitive stress injury simply by doing the same, seemingly innocuous action over and over. Workers can even suffer painful neck injuries through the simple act of talking while holding a phone between their shoulder and their ear, or develop carpal tunnel syndrome from typing on a keyboard that is positioned improperly.

The most common workplace injury that occurs in office environments are falls. These can be a result of clumsiness or distraction, but more frequently are the result of debris that has been left in a walkway, open desk drawers, or ripped or poorly installed flooring. Falls and mishaps can also be the result of insufficient lighting, broken chairs that collapse under the weight of an employee while sitting, using a chair as a ladder, and slipping on a wet floor. Any slip and fall accident that can happen outside of an office can also happen within – in fact, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, office workers are almost 2.5 times more likely to suffer a disabling injury from a fall than is true of those who work outside of the office

In addition to acute injuries and repetitive stress injuries, office workers are also vulnerable to illnesses from poor air quality, poor ventilation or toxic exposures within the four walls of the office. Even illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart attack and depression can be considered a workplace injury if it can be proven that the office environment is particularly stressful or demanding.

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