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Levy Baldante Plays a Large Role in the Diet Drug Litigation and the $3.75 Billion Settlement

Levy Baldante played, and still plays, a large role in the Diet Drug litigation and the $3.75 billion National Settlement.

Fen Phen was withdrawn from the market and has been unavailable for prescription use after September 15, 1997, more than 15 years ago. While much of the Fen Phen diet drug litigation is in the past, Levy Baldante continues to accept referrals of claimants registered in the National Settlement who have recently undergone heart valve surgery. These are challenging claims for attorneys and claimants due to the passage of time. Levy Baldante will accept referrals where the fen phen user has undergone surgery to repair or replace the aortic valve or mitral valve no later than December 31, 2011, or has received a recommendation for mitral or aortic valve surgery with ineligibility for the surgery due to medical reasons. The Firm is also investigating cases where a fen phen user has been diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension, a very serious, debilitating lung condition associated with fen phen use. These cases are vigorously defended by the manufacturer on the basis of latency such that skilled counsel experienced in this specific type of injury and claim is required. Levy Baldante has successfully represented fen phen users who have been diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension.